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Security Service

We have great pleasure to introduce the security and facility services of our organization. As our tag line suggest ‘with care under our wings’ we protect people, property and places taking the organization under our wings. Our service is based on the principals of 'Satatam Karyam Karma Samachar i.e. to do the job constantly with perfection.

Care Angel Security Service, is one of the foremost professionally managed organization operating Security and facility management services most effectively.

We have on our roles trained personnel and you need not bother about statutory obligations pertaining to Security guard board, labour, ESIC , PF, PT etc., and thereby successfully shouldering the responsibility of protecting and maintaining the premises. As a mandatory requirement we have a license under Private Security Agency (Regulation) Act 2005.

Our Objective is to provide a team of well-trained, disciplined and hardworking personnel so as to relieve our clients from all worries pertaining to security and facility management. We provide Industrial, Commercial, Retail, Hospital, Bank & ATM Security, Hotel security, residential security and special security squads & housekeeping services. We believe that the four main criteria in providing quality services are-Selection of Manpower, Training, Supervision and Customer delight.

SELECTION OF MANPOWER: Our selection process is structured and hence it provides us the foundation of efficient operational performance. Each employee has to undergo a background verification/ Police verification before joining duty. A right person for the right job makes our job easy.

TRAINING: The need and importance of training need no elaborations. All employees have to undergo training to learn necessary skills to perform the duties effectively. The training includes elements of security, security of property, Investigations procedure, uses of electronics devices, Security cover to Group, first-aid, firefighting, self-defense, importance of hygiene and sanitations, maintenance and cleaning of various types of premises, using of cleaning materials.

SUPERVISION: Supervision is equally importance in order to provide quality service. In this regard we have a strong operation team of supervisors and inspectors who are constantly checking our assignment and our service staff.

Customer Delight: To provide better and efficient service as per our motto “to do the job constantly with perfection”

We value the feedback of our clients and always take required measures to improve our services.